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Election Press Statement given by the Medrek (Forum)2002

Dr Haile memoriall

Giant Crack in Africa Will Create a New Ocean

Police kill 3, injure many in Dessie

US to aid Ethiopia as strategic partner

Ethiopia troops 'back in Somalia'

Ethiopia denies sending troops into Somalia

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Ethiopia arrests suspect in US diplomat's death

FEATURE-Ethiopian woman confronts "Red Terror" ghosts

Oppsition Parties and Government Discuss on NEPADs Peer Review - Part 1

Oppsition Parties and Government Discuss on NEPADs Peer Review - Part 2

Oppsition Parties and Government Discuss on NEPADs Peer Review - Part 3

Video: Ethiopian woman arrested in Atlanta shooting

Somalis For Jesus! You must see this

Ethiopian opposition leader Bekele freed on bail

Zimbabwe's MDC plan to extradite Mengistu Haile Mariam to Ethiopia

Ethiopia - Damage to an engine: an Ethiopian Airlines' airplane comes back

Documentary - YeDongawoch Womma Mot Ena Nigsinna

Israel: Ethiopian immigrants protest forced move

Why did Aba Dula Gemeda donate his home to OPDO?

_Hibret_Sinel PDF

Open letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Ethiopia PM hails Obama

Barack Obama Speech Full Video 20 Jan 2009

Ethiopia - 130 survive after ship sinks off Yemen

US senators worry over 'troubling developments' in Ethiopia

Barack Obama Embraced by Residents of Father�s Village in Kenya (VOA)

New Universities at Hosanna and Wolkitie

Worldwide rallies for justice in Ethiopia

Ethiopia ranks 135th in Economic Freedom - Report

Islamists strike at departing Ethiopians, 21 die

Ethiopian Troops Begin Pulling Out of Somalia (VOA)

Ethiopia - Ethiopian Man gets 3 years in child porn case

Slain Dallas store owner's brother still hopes killers will be caught


Ethiopia's Top Opposition Politician Ends Prison Hunger Strike

Updated: Ethiopian B757 makes emergency landing in Malta

Jailed Ethiopian Opposition Leader Mideksa on Hunger Strike

Ethiopian Man Is Murdered In Miami Efficiency

U.S. marshals still searching for third man in foiled kidnapping, bank robbery plot

Ethiopia imposes aid agency curbs

U.S. to give $472 million to Ethiopia in 2009

White phosphorus added to Israeli fire
Ethiopian Forces Arrest Former Somali Warlord, Mogadishu Mayor

US airline removes Muslim family

US concern over Ethiopia opposition arrest

Gaza death toll reaches 417

Iran on full alert in wake of Israeli raids

Release Ms. Bertukan Mideksa immediately!!

2008, a Year of Closed Doors for Africa's Migrants (voa)

Pardoned Ethiopian Opposition Leader Re-Arrested; Faces Life in Prison (VOA)

Ethiopia's pardoned critic jailed (bbc )

General floats 'Muslim war on Israel'

Somali President Yusuf Resigns

Somali President Resignation Called Patriotic, Courageous

Israel: Don't even speak about peace

Ethiopian Police Re-Arrest Opposition Leader Mideksa (Correct)

Ethiopia - 2nd Man Arrested, Another Sought, in Kidnap and Robbery Plot

2 Ethiopians in Maryland arrested in bank robbery plot

Laura Bush stands up for her old man

Ahmadinejad urges India to ease tension

Israel says Gaza incursion to go on

GDP growth forecasts, 2009

Israel Issues Warning to Hamas Over Rocket Firings

Ethiopian Warplanes Attack Somalia

Man in Santa suit kills 8, self on Christmas Eve

Parking employees allege discrimination

Video: UDJ honors DR Negasso, Pr Beyene, and Siye

Tiny tribe claim Ethiopian allegiance in border row with Eritrea

Tamerat Laynea Released VIDEO

Sock and Awe" pits players against President

At Least 23 Russians Killed in Tour Bus Crash in Israel

Iraqi Shoe-Thrower in Judicial Hands

Iraqi Protesters Demand Shoe Thrower's Release

Shoes thrown at Bush on Iraq trip video

Breaking News - Birtukan Mideqssa Questioned by Federal Police

Virginia police shot and killed Ethiopian bank robbery suspect

Ethiopia's PM Declares 'Mission Accomplished' in Somalia

Witnesses: Ethiopians troops pouring into Somalia

UPDATE: Ethiopia May Extend Somalia Troop Deployment

Ethiopia FA boss steps aside

Ethiopia population soars to near 77 million: census

ETHIOPIA: New initiative against FGM/C

Ethiopian star guilty over death

Ethiopian troops to leave Somalia

Israel approves prisoner release

Nigerian city tense after riots

Two Mauled To Death By Hyenas

IAF jets scrambled to intercept unidentified plane

Cabbie gets $305K verdict against MTA police

Government murdered six policemen: Inquiry Commission

Ethiopian Airlines buys eight Bombardier planes

China's ZTE to boost ETC's Ethiopia mobile users

Housemaid gets jail term for beating sponsor's son

Ethiopia - U.S Customs discovers beetles in search of Ethiopian flight

Somali government 'near collapse'

The Ten Most Dengerous Places in The World: 2008

Security Alert � Great Ethiopian Run

Broken bones and body bags: horrors facing Ethiopian domestic workers

Newspaper Headlines Barack Obama Election

Obama, Bush meet in the White House

Ethiopia Issues Terror Warning

Body of housemaid lying in UAE morgue for a month

'I want to become prime minister' of Ethiopia - Haile

8 Ethiopians arrested at violent Beit Alfa protest

Change Came Quickly for Pregnant Woman at Rally

Reno Police Seize 20 Pounds of Pot at Amtrak Station

Ethiopia arrests terror plot suspects

Kenya declares holiday for Obama

Ethiopia warns of 'imminent' terror attack

Obama's acceptance speech: Highlights

McCain admits defeat, applauds Obama

Barack Obama Elected President with Mandate for Change

Election map: Results

The US Presidential election and anti-Ethiopian lobbying

Day 21: IBD/TIPP Tracking Poll

What does Obama's election mean to Ethiopia - Amharic

Somali premier reportedly accuses Ethiopia of "causing trouble"

Ethiopian Airlines revenues up 34 pct in 07/08

Ethiopian PM reshuffles cabinet

Feds disrupt skinhead plot to assassinate Obama

Woman stoned to death for adultery after Somali court ruling

Parlamentary Session Parlamentary Session - Part 1 Videos

Ethiopia - Maryland Man Charged in Killing of Taxi Driver Tekola Bekele

Ethiopian troops to stay in Somalia, wait for AU

VIDEO: Judge WoldeMikael Meshesha on Teddy Afro's case

Ethiopia - Armed man robs Grocery in Washington DC

Ethiopia: Draft Law Threatens Civil Society

A win to savour for Ethiopia

Who Won The Debate? Clean Sweep For Obama

VIDEO: Woyanne donkeys in action - must watch

The End of Pax Zenawi in Somalia

Ethiopia ends fuel subsidy, increases pump prices

Ethiopia - Eritrea: Homeowner shoots and kills 19 year old Nibeyu Demissew Yosef

Ethiopia frees Kenyan 'Islamists'

Ethiopia Under Woyanne: An image from Los Angeles Times

Journalist accompanying Meles to New York defects

Video Shooting of Popular Restaurant Manager Mystifies Friends

Two Shot Inside Adams Morgan Restaurant, One Dies

Magic man Gebrselassie grabs sunshine in...

Gebrselassie breaks world marathon record again

Ethiopia launches electronic trade for coffee

Aid workers kidnapped in Ethiopia

Speech delivered by Arena Chairman Ato Gebru Asrat on September 20, 2008 in Washington, DC

'Israel can't destroy Iran N-facilities'

US spy plane shot down in Pakistan

16 dead in bomb attack on US embassy in Yemen

India deploys jets in troubled Kashmir

Happy New Year

Police Say Cab Driver Was Killed By Drunk Driver

Obama Amharic speech Satire

What is Mahebere Kidusan?

Video: Meseret and Sileshi compete in Belgium

Video parlour blast in Ethiopia

Obelisk back home in Ethiopia

Jet hijackers free passengers, hold crew

Video Beijing 2008 - 5K Men

Tirunesh Dibaba wins Beijing 2008 - 5K Women

Ethiopia's new famine: 'A ticking time bomb'

Beijing 2008 - 10K Men Victory Ceremony

Gebrselassie regrets opting out of marathon

VEDIO: Beijing Women's 10,000 meter

ETHIOPIA-SOMALIA: Drought, fighting worsens situation of "Ogaden refugees"

Kuwait stops issuing visas to Ethiopians after three test HIV+

VIDEO: Meles regime lies about the economy - must watch

Ethiopia recalls general from Somalia

In Ethiopia, jailed singer Tewodros Kassahun is a political symbol

Israel to brace itself for Iran's S-300s

Ethiopia: Pain amid Plenty

Beijing's Games kick off with spectacular opening ceremony

Young stars aplenty at Olympic Games

An Ethiopian Politico Barnstorms Minnesota

Ethiopian judge detains editor over pop singer case

Ethiopian Orthodox congregation thrives in Commerce Twp.

Canadian Bashir Makhtal, might soon face execution in Ethiopia CBC Video

OLF says 4 senior officials expelled

11 Somali ministers resign

Team Ethiopia Heads to Beijing

FACTS: Ethiopia in the Olympics

Bill Clinton in Ethiopia - Video

Death in the desert

Clinton visits Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela

UN ends mandate of Ethiopia-Eritrea peacekeeping force

Petition to save Ethiopian refugees

U.N. abandons Eritrea-Ethiopia peace mission

Violence and non-violence: a clash of strategies

In pictures: Ethiopia's impending famine(BBC)

Ethiopia - Running / Israeli held in Ethiopian jail

Court Overturns Asylum Denial to Woman Claiming Torture


Ethiopia gives Djibouti's Guelleh farmland-officials

Ethiopia brands its coffee (CNN)

South Africa Joins Nelson Mandela in Celebrating 90th Birthday

US says Iran conditions still exist

Egypt uncovers weapons cache in Sinai

Ethiopia - Police Arrest 2 for the murder of 51-year-old Tedla Lemma

VIDEO: Sebhat Nega sends 200 containers of food to Sudan

Nasrallah most admired in Arab world 17 Jul 2008

9 Ethiopians killed in Mogadishu 16 Jul 2008

Zimbabwe opposition seeks 2nd mediator16 Jul 2008

Iran missiles could hit US by 2015' 16 Jul 2008

Threats against Iran irk Israeli generals

Iran test-fires more missiles in Persian Gulf

Egypt police shoot Ethiopian on Israel border

Report on Ginbot 7's July 5 meeting in DC

What's Professor Mesfin's mission (Amharic)

Ato Sewuyewu-Who Invited

is not the enemy" - Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam
Ethiopia opposition calls for probe into "massacre"
Ethiopians in North America to honor heroic Air Force general
Ethiopia opposition calls for probe into "massacre
Starbucks to cut up to 12,000 jobs, close 600 stores
Aid Worker Killed, at Least 4 Kidnapped Near Somali Capital
Pentagon: Israel will soon attack Iran Tue, 01 Jul 2008
Hunger will not give time!
Barak, Mullen discuss Iran
Bush seeking sanctions on Zimbabwe
Israel: Air strike on Iran will succeed Sat, 28 Jun 2008
Egypt crackdown hits Eritrean refugees
Passengers sleep on plane after flight cancelled
Murder victim's husband spotted on ferry to Denmark
Statement on the Initiation of the Forum for Democratic Dialogue in Ethiopia"

Ethiopia in Food Crisis Once More Photographs
Ethiopia - Young woman found dead in student housing complex
Click Heir
The cycle of failure in Ethiopian politics
Raila reaps more goodies for Kenya
2008 Summer Journey
Ethiopian Human Right Council Report
VOA Report (mp3) (Alisha Ryu, VOA)
Ethiopian-Somali girl - America's Next Top Model
How could they do this?
14 soldiers desert the military
Ethiopian man shot dead, 2 wounded in Washington DC
Police arrests suspects of bomb blast in Negelle Borena29th, 2008
Three killed in Ethiopia blastMay 28, 2008
South Africa seeks shelters for foreigners fleeing violence
Israeli elephant expert dies in Ethiopia blast
American citizen killed in Addis Ababa bomb blast 21st, 2008
SA leader orders army to deploy21 May 2008
'Three dead' in Addis Ababa blast 20,2008
Ethiopia ruling party wins polls opposition boycotted18 May 2008,
VOA coverage of Ginbot 7's formation
Ethiopians choose local officials in vote marred by opposition boycottApril 20, 2008
2nd party quits Ethiopia polls
Ethiopia blames rebels for bomb
Ethiopia blames rebels for bomb attacks April 15, 2008
Second opposition party to boycott electionsApril 15, 2008
A 2nd Ethiopian pleads guilty to federal charges
Ethiopia opposition group to boycott local elections
Ethiopia opposition group to boycott local elections
Ethiopia's prime minister discusses how the U.S
Air force statement
Nine international Knight Fellows named for 2008-09
Asylum seeker jailed over fake ID

Botswana Inaugurates New President01 April 2008

Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 05:19:34 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: My recent visit to some parts of the South
Mugabe: reaching out with resignation deal?April 2, 2008
RELEASEDApril 01, 2008
A candid discussion withWashera fr om Paltalk & Yosef Gizachew from Aend ,Part2,Part3
Ethiopian diplomat gives Israel a new look30, 2008
Amnesty: Activists should be compensated for time wasted behind bars
Lack of idodized salt threatens health of EthiopiansMarch 28, 2008
U.S. to Stop Green Card Denials for Dissidents27,2008
The Taxi as a Ticket to the American Dream
Kenyans Optimistic About Cabinet
Wall Street may cut 20,000 jobs over 2 years: report
Sisters arrested over insurance fraud 24, 2008
Green Zone attack originated in Sadr City, say witnesses
India to collaborate with Ethiopia in leather sector
Ethiopia: Lifting of grain tax may ease food burden for urban poor20 March 2008
Ethiopian, Eritrea forces clash near border town 20, 2008
State fires 2 for looking at Obama file 21/2008
Berhanu Nega at Bucknell University (pdf) (Speech)18/2008
Bedru Adems Soccer game
Ethiopian opposition party may be forced to boycott coming elections 17/2008
Open Letter to EthiopiansMarch 10, 2008
Eritrea claims UN supports Ethiopia in border deadlock
Officials: Letters not linked to NY bomb mar7/2008
UN to register Ethiopian, Eritrean refugees in Sudan4, 2008
Ethiopian Inflation Accelerates to 19.4% on Higher Food CostsMar 04 13:17
A British teacher faces jail in Ethiopia for exposing paedophiles
US bombs Islamist town in Somalia
Key leaders absent in Ethiopia polls3 March 2008
4 party makes collation in Ethiopia
Ethiopian opposition parties ask Eritrea to abide by UN law

US to cut food aid due to soaring costs1, 2008
UN says alarmed by prolonged drought in southern EthiopiaSat Mar 1,
Israel rounds up Eritreans, other asylum seekers 27, 2008
Opposition candidates quiting due to repression26, 2008
Ethiopia's war on its own25, 2008
Obama photo causes a stir25,2008
Egyptian police kill, wound Eritreans crossing into Israel
Over 4mln candidates to contest coming elections
Interview with Ato Tesfaye Mengesha
From walta
U.S. wants Kenya crisis solution "yesterday" | Video
Egyptian police kill Eritrean migrant on Israel border16, 2008
Clinton sharpens attack in presidential race
UAE investors to build over $1 billion tourist resort in Ethiopia 15-02-2008
ONC calls for postponement of deadline of candidates' registration
Bush says Congress putting US in danger
Suspect named in N.Illinois slayings
Form UEDF Realize
Ethiopia: Israel to Help Ethiopian Immigrants Integrate Better
U.S. Plans to Shoot Down Broken Spy Satellite
Former kinijit leaders gave up peaceful struggle
Patient strangles woman on Rochdale psychiatric ward14, 2008
Video: TPDM and ONLF attack forces
The Ge'ez Fidel and the Millennium
Blooming bottomlines hoped for Ethiopia
Ethiopias Youth, Ethiopias Future
Hizballah Mourns Its Shadowy Hero
Kenyan rivals to write new constitution
Five students win terror appeal3 February 2008,
Unmee relocation from Eritrea begins Wedneday13, 2008
Ethiopian elected into Israeli parliament12, 2008
Primary Results: Sunday, February 10
Clinton replaces campaign manager
Obama defeats Clinton in Maine caucuses
Interview with Federal Police Commissioner 9th, 2008
Blen Tamrat Layne's Open Letter to P.M. Meles Zenawi
UN fears new war in wake of troop pullout7, 2008
America votes 6,2008
Chad's president 'in control of entire country'6,2008
Power politics at Africa Summit 6, 2008
Ethiopia, Bangladesh pledge helicopters for Darfur 6, 2008
Eritrea scoffs at UN warning 6,2008
ETHIOPIA - National Bank bought Fake Gold 4,2008
Ethiopia airfare sale, from $815
Israeli killed in suicide bombing4 February 2008
Few Ethiopians confident in their institutions
Poll: Obama wipes out Clinton's lead
Interview withAto Negussie W/Mariam, from
Bulcha vs Merera over the lawless regime3, 2008
Africa Summit Ends With Condemnation of Chad Rebel Attacks02 February 2008
Chadian Rebels Face Off Against Army Troops in Capital02 February 2008
HILLARY CLINTON (D-NY) top contributors
Five women killed in Chicago-area store shooting2, 2008
Election 2008 california Democratic
Ethiopia Events Of 2007
Kenya Opposition Frowns On Kibakis AU Summit Presence01 February 2008
Obama, Clinton trade jabs on immigration
African Countries Criticized in Human Rights Watch Report31 January 2008
Ato Bulcha Demeksa 31, 200 4:13 pm
AU chief urges Kenya resolution31 January 2008
Giuliani quits White House race31 January 2008
Official Sees Kenyan Ethnic Cleansing31, 2008
Israeli Inquiry Finds Grave Failings in 06 War
Addis Ababa Bole first African airport to support 100% bar coded boarding passes30, 2008
Ethiopia: New future for African girls29,2008
Seven killed in Beirut violence
State of Union to focus on economy, officials say
Ethiopia: Seven Years Younger than the Rest of the World
Meles Urges West to Change Tack on Kenya
The Guardian goes on a fiction-writing safari
The new topic is 'Ethiopiawinet'27, 2008
US presidential votes wide open19,2008
Israeli airstrikes kill 2 militants in Gaza19,2008
Kenyas Opposition Switches Its Tactics From Street
Protests to Business Boycotts19,2008
Ethiopia rejects "virtual" border with Eritrea19,2008
Kenya opposition vows more pressure19, 2008
Ethiopia holds 'many Westerners'18 January 2008,
Ethiopia sets up $21 million commodity exchange18 Jan 2008,
Interview with Ato Ayele Chamiso,
Gebrselassie wins Dubai Marathon but misses new record18,2008
Bin Laden son wants to be peace activist17,2008
Ethiopian CUD opposition party loses name
Ayele Chamiso dismisses Temesgen Zewde and others17, 2008
Commonwealth Says Kenya Elections Failed to Meet International Standards17,2008
Zambian President Declares National Disaster in Flood Areas17 January 2008
Kenyan Protesters Clash With Police For Second Day17 January 2008
Linking Rights and Foreign Aid for Ethiopia: The Case of HR 2003 16, 2008
Bay Area residents send medical gear to Ethiopia16, 2008
Eritrea accepts "virtual" border with Ethiopia16, 2008
Republican candidates divided on environment15, 2008
More US marines for Afghanistan15 January 2008
Hard lessons from Uganda and Bolivia to Ethiopia15, 2008
Stealing elections in Ethiopia casts bad omen over Kenya15, 2008
Top opposition leaders arrested15, 2008
Kenya schools open after violence14 January 2008,
UK-Russia diplomatic row worsens14 January 2008,
Ethiopians & the '08 US Presidential Elections
Kenya Tries To Get Back To Normal
Bush Urges Unity Against Iran
Edwards Takes Side in Clinton-MLK Controversy
Readers Say No to Polls, Illegal Immigrants 14,2006
Edmund Hillary, First on Everest, Dies at 88
Obama Giving Clinton a Race in Her Backyard12, 2008
Video: U.S. Congressman Donald Payne visits Eritrea11,2008
Clinton responds to seemingly sexist shouts
Kenyan Leader and Opponent to Meet
Sick Somali president in London7, 2007
Why it is strenuous to be a EPRDF fan7, 2007
Protests off as Kenya death toll nears 500 7, 2007
U.S. Engagement in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa
Photo - The Hailu-Getatchew fiasco in Minneapolis 7,2008
Days of Rage January 6, 2007
Dialgoue, outrage and democracy January 6, 2007
Interview Dr Yacob Hailemariam
CUD executive committee cautions Berhanu
Surprise! U.S. Congressman pays homage to Africas head of terrorists
Honduran foreign minister quits
Musharraf Delivers a Fierce Denial 4, 2008
Huckabee Declared Winner of Iowa Republican Presidential Caucuses
Judge dismisses gun-related charges against an Ethiopian in Utha
Kenyas President Kibaki Says Ready For Talks With Opposition
Obama and Huckabee win first 2008 vote
Ethiopia Denies Independent Newspaper Licenses
Ethiopia: Gov't Officials to Register Assets, Interests
Ethiopia: Country Sees $1.7 Billion Profit From Exports
Three Ethiopian wounded in Vancouver shooting
Iraq suicide bomber hits funeral
Kenyans burned to death in church1 January 2008,
U.S. Diplomat Killed in Sudan
Happy New Year!January 1, 2008
Kenya rioting death toll at 125 December 31, 2007
Islamists blow up Somali colonel 31 December 2007
Mortar kills Somali mother, 5 children31,2007
Bhutto's son named as successor
Riots erupt after Kenya's president re-elected30,2007
Al-Qaeda behind Bhutto killing
Ethiopia inflicted losses on Ogaden rebels: army colonel
Ethiopia leaves key Somali town28 December 2007
Announcement by Kinijit Chairman Hailu Shawel
11 Kinijit council members currently abroad write to their executive committee
Exchange of gunfire on Eritrea-Ethiopia border: UN
MFA Issues Press Statement (December 27, 2007)
Pakistan's Bhutto killed in attack
Woyanne attacks Eritrean forces in Tsorena27,2007
Ethiopian Review Audio Archive26,2007
Ethiopian celebrates first Xmas, freedom in Windsor
Ethiopian celebrates first Xmas, freedom in Windsor
Somali radio station shut down over rebel interview
Christmas Day pipeline fire kills 45 near Lagos
Police corner Somali kidnappers of aid workers
Ethiopia activists get 2 1/2 years but to walk free 26,2007
Interview with families who lost family
Do these charges sound familiar?
Gossip in the name of the people24,2007
Ethiopia - Sossina Haile The Power Behind Cooler, Greener Energy
Hailu Shawel gang disrupted Kiniit council meeting in Addis Ababa 23,2007
Kinijit opened a new office in Addis Ababa
World's top 10 most under-reported humanitarian stories
Kidnapped French journo asks for help
Does Al-Jazeera belong in the USA?
Interview with Ato Mushe Semu,
Press Release from Ministry of Foreign Affairs20,2007
Tigrayans want end to border row 20,2007
Doctor at Jewish NPO in Ethiopia nominated for CNN 'Hero' award
Ethiopia: Japan Supports Health Service for the Poor
Children die in Somalia shelling
Voting ends in bitter ANC contest
Military Buildup Heightens Ethiopia-Eritrea Border Tensions in 2007
In Rebel Region, Ethiopia Turns to Civilian Patrols
Kinijit's/KIL Executive Committee letter posted14,2007
Ethiopians get texting in Amharic
Guad Hailu Shawel's 'Yefiyel Wotete'
Second Somali Diaspora Conference in Washington, DC
Daily life in Mogadishu shrivels under violence
Somalia's leader leaves hospital
Islamist Fighters Seize Central Somali Town
December 9, 2007 Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day
Walk' takes top prize at IDA awards
Ethiopia - I'll fight racism against Ethiopians - PM Ehud Olmert 9,2007
Ethiopian troops withdraw from key Somali neighborhood
Ethiopia - Meles Zenawi's Interview on Al Jazeera
Ethiopia: Top Opposition Party Asks US Congress to Reassess HR 2003
U.N Secretary General Wants Uganda Rebel Leaders Arrested
U.S. Administration against H.R. 2003:Rice
Five killed in Israeli Gaza raids( 1,2007)
No Ethiopia-Eritrea border deal( 1,2007)
Eritrea-Ethiopia deadline expires(30,2007)
Dueling Dictators(30,2007)
Starbucks aims to aid Ethiopian growers(30,2007)
Gaza rally against Mid-East talks(Nov 28,2007)
New Mid-East peace drive launched(Nov 28, 2007)
Ethiopia 'bogged down' in Somalia
Starbucks officials to visit Ethiopia
Premier responds to questions of MPs (Nov27, 2007)
Meles says Ethiopia sticks on peaceful options
Ethiopia to maintain crackdown on Ogaden rebels: PM
Cautious hope for Mid-East talks
Press Release On The Discontinued Inter-party Dialogue and theUpcoming Local and By-Elections
Kinijit Leadership and MP's Meeting Concluded Successfully ...

SUDAN-ETHIOPIA: Thousands of Sudanese to return
from Ethiopia in 2008
SOMALIA: New prime minister named
The Capital Interview: Envoy Seeks Support for Ethiopia, Aid for Somalia
PressUEDFCUDPOFDM.Amharic[1] Nov 22, 2007
Religious expelled from Eritrea want to tell tale, but hope to return
AAU to provide environmental education for 500 woredas
Separatist Rebels Accuse Ethiopias Military of Killing Civilians in Remote Region
Israel seeks Arab peace support Nov 20,2007
Ethiopia 'bombs' Ogaden villages Nov 19,2007
Interview with Ato Ayele Chamiso, Nov 14,2007
Somali insurgents target AU force Nov 14,2007
Bomb kills three near Green Zone Nov 14,2007
Bhutto says Musharraf must give up power Nov 13,2007
UN official urges greater support for global refugee operations Nov 13,2007
Security Council calls on Ethiopia and Eritrea to resolve boundary dispute Nov 13,2007
Human rights defenders may face life in prison Nov 12,2007
Eritrea archives chequered past Nov 12/ 2007
About 60 Killed in Heavy Fighting in Mogadishu
U.S. urges restraint by Ethiopia and Eritrea
CUD faction says making preparations to participate in upcoming election

UEDF announces plans to take part in upcoming local election
Eritrea accuses Ethiopia of invasion plans again
Fresh fighting kills one in Mogadishu after Ethiopia deploys
Who has Lucy's remains?
Interview with H.E. MP Dr. Beyene Petros
PRESS RELEASE By CUDP, OFDM and UEDFCritical Issues that must be Resolved Before Local Elections 2008 posted at 10/26/2007 11.59 pm

 On October 16, 2007, the National Election Board (NEB) invited all registered Political parties in the country and informed that Local Elections would be held early next year (2008), with election activities beginning on October this year.
The NEB distributed a schedule of election events beginning on October 22 and ending on Election Day, which will be on March 2 and 9, 2008. Opposition parties who attended the meeting raised many pertinent questions, which were of common concern to all of them. All parties were overwhelmed by the myriad of events packed into the short period of October to February.
At the end of the meeting, the NEB had to agree that political parties review the schedule and submit comments within five days.
It is to be recalled that although local elections are one year behind schedule, according to the Election Law, we did agree with the Ruling Party in May 2007 that Local Elections be held between December 2007 and February 2008, on condition that:

1. Opposition party local offices are opened and that all political parties will be allowed to conduct political activities unencumbered;
2. The harassment of party members and supporters cease forthwith;
3. Public Mass Media be accessible to all political Parties in an equitable manner and the freedom of the independent press be guaranteed;
4. Decision on Political Party financing by Government, as provided for in the Party Law, be made so that legally registered political parties will be able to engage in meaningful political activities in their constituencies;
5. An acceptable structure of the NEB is put in place from the Head Office to the Local levels. Competent election administrative professionals be employed both at the Head Office and at all local levels following the established Civil Service employment procedures;
6. Matters relating to Election Observers would be clarified and appropriate preparations are made.
However, since then, our members and supporters are being harassed continuously.
Many of them have been imprisoned for prolonged period of time and thrown intojail.
Our local party offices have been closed, vandalized and prevented from functioning. Landlords have been prevented from renting office space to the opposition political parties. In one case, a donor wanted to buy office space for one of our parties, and local Government officials refused to register the sale.
Political party leadership, party members and activists are invariably obstructed from making public interactions with their constituencies. Even in the rarely tolerated situations our party functionaries find themselves among the electorate, they feel insecure while moving among them as there is no security, and the police themselves display visible hostility to political parties opposed to the Ruling Party.
Lack of funds has seriously affected our capacities to be effective as political parties. The Government has refused to grant funds to Political Parties, thus, acting arbitrarily and contrary to the practice of many governments. The practice of funding and/or providing support to Political Parties by the Government, including developed countries, is almost universal.
Without access to any kind of media, the opposition has been virtually separated from the electorate, while the Ruling Party uses public media monopolistically everyday.
As a matter of principle, Ethiopian elections must be observable. Hence, both local and foreign Election Observers should, as a matter of practice, be welcome to observe Ethiopian elections whether local or national. While the Government always has the right to grant or deny entry visa to any foreign visitor, foreigners who qualify should be allowed to observe Ethiopian elections as a matter of practice. Therefore, it is our strong conviction that as a confidence building measure in the electoral process, and hence to make the outcome of the elections agreeable to all competing parties, the upcoming local elections must be observed by experienced and competent independent local as well as foreign observers. It is our considered judgment that an independent observation of the upcoming local elections would avoid the recurrent eruption of prolonged rancor that had beset past elections.
Therefore, before finalizing the draft election 2008 schedule, we propose that the outstanding issues indicated above and other matters relating to the upcoming local elections be resolved through inter-party negotiations and talks with the Government,

Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party (CUDP

Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement (OFDM)

United Ethiopian Democratic Forces (UEDF)

October 25, 2007
Addis Ababa'



Dr. Haile's Memorial Foundation


Dances-of bench video

MesQel-beWollayita video Part-1

MesQel beWollayita Part 2

Dances-of Mursi video

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Ethiopianizm - The Dorze People of Southern Ethiopia Part I

Ethiopianizm - The Dorze People of Southern Ethiopia Part II

Ethiopian Dating
Meet Amhara men and women Free photo search, Flirts and more.

Despite saying he never expected anything positive from the ruling party, Professor Beyene condemned them stating �EPRDF has not changed; the claim of new spirit in the new millennium is all propaganda




I was born in a small town called Teferi Kela in Sidmao region. My town is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. There was no significant development but I hope I can now help in the development efforts of the city. I was living there until grade four and moved to Awassa. I have attended the rest of my elementary classes in Hayeke School and grade nine and ten at Addis Ketema high school in Awassa..



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